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Okay. So. Yeah. I got my new computer buuuut when I saw “older version” in the description I didn’t really realize it was a computer from 2001. -_- So right now I’m working on finding a photo editing program that I can actually use on this thing. ;P If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

I’m so sorry, guys. I have a lot of big purchases on my list, a camera is next but a NEW new computer is right after that. :/

Anonymous: I was fairly certain MK was a dude and my jaw dropped when she was revealed to be a woman.


I just ordered my new laptop! So give it a week or two and confessions will be back to normal! Be sure to send in your thoughts on the new season!!

There we have it

Okay, so I wanna know who your favorites are. Are you voting for the last spot? If so, who are you voting for?

I personally think the girls are stronger this year, I’m especially liking:
Casey (is Johnson his last name?), Emkay Nobilette, Jess Meuse (although her attitude in groups and during/after her sing off were a total turnoff), Kenzie Hall, Majesty York, and Marielle Sellers.

Who have you guys picked out as favorites so far? I’m keeping an eye on:
Sam Woolfe.
Austin Wolf.
Jessica Meuse.
Brai Anai.
Majesty York.
And the sound healer. Can’t remember his name, lol

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some people.

peetaloved: Hi! I just read that you have computer trouble. If you need any help making confessions, I would want to help you :)

Thank you. But I prefer running the blog by myself. Tax refund coming soon, AKA computer coming soon. :)

So based on auditions so far, do you guys have any favorites? Or anyone you’re keeping your eye on as a top 13? I know some people have even predicted a winner already. Let me know!

So far I’m loving:
-Majesty York/Majesty Rose
-Jessica Meuse
-Sam Woolfe
-Ethan Harris
-Briana Oakley
-Marielle Sellers
-Bria Anai
-Jillian Jenson
-Melanie Porres
-Ryan Nisbett

Sorry if I spelled any of the names wrong. >< I think this year might be the TRUE girls’ season. Like, with no manipulation, they’re just better. So far. So chime in, let me know what you’re thinking so far.

PS- I’m thinking I’ll be able to get my new computer when I get my tax refund, so hopefully within a month I’ll be back to making confessions.

Anonymous: I just wanted to give a big thank you to you for running this blog. You do such a good job handling the updates, and when people hate on you you don't call them bad names back or hate on them, and you have been through so much yet still you have stayed so strong, and I just want to say your a big role model for me. Thank you so much!

Oh my god thank you!!! This just made my night. :) I keep getting worried you guys are gonna hate me for not being able to update, especially with the new season starting. :-/
Thank you so much.

Okay so it’s looking like I won’t have a computer by the time the new season starts, which means no program to put together confessions. :( I should be able to get a new one in the next month or so, until then, I’d love just discussing the new season with everyone! :)

I’m still without a computer

I’m really sorry for not getting any confessions up, I’m not sure when I’ll have a computer again but I promise I’m going into overdrive when I get one! :(